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All tourists traveling to Bhutan require to get a visa in advance, except for travelers from India, Bangladesh, and Maldives (Passport holders from these three countries can obtain a permit at the port of entry). For other tourists, visas are processed through an online system by a licensed Bhutanese tour operator. The Tourism Council of Bhutan processes and approves visas on receiving the full payment of the cost of the trip (including a visa fee).

The tourists are expected to send the photo-page of the passport to the licensed tour operator to apply for a visa. On arrival at the entry point, the passport is stamped on showing a visa clearance letter.

The following information must be sent to us to process visa approval:-
1. Full name as in passport:
2. Permanent address:
3. Occupation:
4. Nationality:
5. Passport Number:
6. Date of Issue and Expiry date:
7. Date of birth and place:
8. Place of Issue:
9. The exact duration of visa required:
10. Date of entry and exit and sector

In short:
1. Plan your itinerary.
2. Pick your travel date for flight reservations.
3. Fill out your tourist visa application form.